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A love starved woman doesn’t check a top 5 prospect, she walks on egg shells, and thinks shit like “” threats will make him act right… These men are out here running the triangle offense on women and there are so many ladies that don’t know the first thing about defense. Not by rappers, ball players, CEO’s, or any other dude that gets in pussy with texts and promises.Being a Spartan isn’t about talking it’s about doing.For years, the bad dating habits of women and how they allow these men to get away with murder has annoyed me.So I decided to address it not by calling smart women dumb, but by offering real solutions.Relationships fail because women forget that they should be at the center of the universe.Spartans don’t get tired of dating because it’s through dating that she proves her mastery over her solar system! Okay, Tina Typical, what do you actually have time for?

Turn these girls into stalkers, make them thirsty for a phone call, junkies for attention, and desperate for a relationship is what the majority of men do with little effort because the average woman is emotionally soft when it comes to the men they actually like.You went out to dinner and he was corny as fuck, Spartans don’t give second chances, they curve.You’ve been having great dates and now he’s pushing hard for sex, Spartans don’t give in to make him happy, fuck his happy, just for applying pressure he can wait even longer or go fuck the bottom bitch he has on the side.Good, be tired and settle into a mediocre love life where you end up settling for one of these oatmeal guys who has a steady job, a limp dick, and who will develop a drinking problem by the time you two are married because he’s just as bored as you will become.You don’t want to find a knight you to find nice enough, because every time you aim for greatness you fail.

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Some of you were afraid to use , so I decided to add a companion to that book that will put the control in your hands from start to finish.

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