Danny fernandes dating nicole

Bazil Mc Courtey Nick O'Connor John Paul Mc Queen Craig Dean Spike Kieron Hobbs Ravi Roy Kris Fisher Sarah Barnes Gina Patrick Emily Taylor Lydia Hart Charlotte Lau Jason Costello Ste Hay Brendan Brady Macca Fern Noah Baxter Esther Bloom Tilly Evans George Smith Texas Longford Jodie Wilde Doug Carter Jen Gilmore Kim Butterfield Grace Black Lockie Campbell Harry Thompson Scott Drinkwell Sally St.Claire Nico Blake Toby Sawyer Darren Bransford James Sutton Guy Burnet Tom Vaughan Jake Hendriks Stephen Uppal Gerard Mc Carthy Loui Batley Dannielle Brent Lorna Pegler Lydia Kelly Amy Yamazaki Victoria Atkin Kieron Richardson Emmett J.In 2007, the show revealed that Vincent was intersex.

Set in 19th century Spain, Isabel is the brave, adventurous, gun-loving daughter of strict single father, Antonio.Celia is a woman with clear ideas and the necessary character to bring out when necessary.She fell in love with her friend Petra without realizing it and after declaring her love and being rejected, went to a doctor's office.Photographer Marina has a one sided love for married housewife Clara.Vanessa is still in love with her ex-girlfriend Marina.

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Clara later leaves her husband for Marina and the two get married.

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