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It turned it into a story, so that was pretty cool. So when I meet new people and some people tend to judge right off the bat, I’m just used to that. Initially Tila was said, “I don’t know about dating a girl who doesn’t wear high heels and makeup.” But by the end of the series she was saying that you were the best of both worlds. Did you secretly think, yeah, that wouldn’t have happened if you had picked me? I guess he's like that for a reason though, because look what happened when it came time to deal with her "crazy" lifestyle. You know, I’m living in a house with a bunch of women, so whoo-hoo. ” and we are thinking we would get our own bed, or maybe even two to a bed, and them we get up there and we see this huge bed and we are like “Oh, my god.” So that was an obstacle.The butch phobia that was happening at the beginning of the show so perfectly represents what we actually see in our culture. I’m just used to people being like “Oh, what are you, a lesbian? They don’t judge as much as they did in the beginning. It was kind of interesting, throughout there would be situations where the guys would seem to treat you like one of the guys and the girls would treat you like one of the guys. I think there were at this point a lot of women who were rooting for you in that way. I was sad, but I wasn't crazy in love or anything. I was a little shocked that it happened so quickly. One minute Tila is in love and the next, she has another show already. I know I said earlier to move on if someone doesn't like you, but geez. Poor Bobby ate all that bull cock and balls for nothing. Were you living your emotions the way that they seem on the screen? And then once I got to know her I started changing my ways. It wasn’t bad for me, I mean I don’t care that much.the boys)—but within a few episodes it was clear we were rooting for one girl: firefighter Dani Campbell.

What was the hardest part of the experience for you? Yeah—these were the high moments—the height of all the drama. The only thing—the Brandi and Vanessa thing—they were always bickering away. My schedule is super crazy these days, from the fire station, my clothing line, Futch Apparel, my tubby dog Titan, my house, my family, my friends, my appearances all around the country, my college tours, interviews...etc, but after all that, believe it or not I still have time to date. How are you going to parlay your 15 minutes of fame then? I am trying to become more involved in community efforts, i.e. It seems like I have a huge 11- to 18-year-old following and they just have a lot of questions.Remember Dani Campbell, the studly butch who almost won bisexual fame-whore Tila Tequila's heart on the first season of A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila?Well, Campbell's back to hanging out with attention-hungry "celebrities," making a cameo on this week's episode of Kourtney and Kim Take Miami, when the Kardashian sisters catch up with Miami's lesbian population.When you were going into the final decision, how were you feeling at that point? I was always confident during all of the eliminations just because I felt like I had a lot to offer and I felt the connection that Tila and I had even though the cameras weren’t always on us. She obviously didn't spend enough time really getting to know me. I love traveling and getting into all sorts of crazy fun. That way I want to stay involved and I don’t need the fame to be involved in something like that, that’s just something I’ll be doing now. So we’re in the process of interviewing designers and stuff like that.We had a different connection than anyone else did. I love how absolutely outraged fans still seem to be that Tila chose Bobby over you. But also, I’m launching a new clothing line, Futch Apparel [], and this is always something I’ve wanted to do because I have such a horrible time finding clothes. I think there’s definitely a market there for that too. The did a full-page article on me, I don’t know if you saw that.

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” It’s OK, because I know once this person learns a little bit more about our…once they get to know you and see what you are and you’re just a regular person, you know what I mean? And that just goes to breaking stereotypes, you know? I try to approach every obstacle I face with optimism. There was a lot of debate off-screen about how real the show was, which happens with all of these dating shows. When I got there you can see how I’ve changed, as a viewer. I moved in, I put a kiss on her, in the camping trip. More or less, the producers are just coaching us, like, stay on track, you know, they know what the viewers want to see. To be in a bed with all those people, that didn’t bother me. The girls would kind of sleep together to keep the guys away from us.

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