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Unfortunately, I'm using the d3axis helper so the values I'm formatting are tick values, not data values.The formatting is done internally as the tick labels are generated. Could you do something similar, but with the tick labeling functions (ie. While 1400 * .001 is 1.4000000000000001, 1400 / 1000 is 1.4; multiplying an integer by a negative power of ten (such as .001) may introduce rounding error, but it appears that dividing an integer by a power of ten (such as 1000) does not. I've implemented a tentative fix in the fix-si-format-rounding branch.

That, eventually, is the only character needed to enable grouping. v4 is just a bit more picky complaining about the wrong specifier whereas v3 just kept on going interpreting what it could grasp.

I'm using d3.format("s") with d3Format to nicely format the tick labels with SI units (from the International System of Units).

It works beautifully for the most part, except for certain values that run into a rounding error and return a ton of decimal places (1400, for example, as 1400 * 0.001 = 1.4000000000000001).

Number formats should appropriate to the reader’s locale (42.000,00 or 42,000.00). Formatting numbers for human consumption is the purpose of d3-format, which is modeled after Python 3’s format specification mini-language (PEP 3101). AMD, Common JS, and vanilla environments are supported.

In vanilla, a This method is useful when formatting multiple numbers in the same units for easy comparison.

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Parsing is strict: if the specified string does not exactly match the associated specifier, this method returns null.

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