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Whatever the case for you, you are here because you need a new approach. The game starts as simple cold reading; looking at your chick, and knowing what she’s thinking by how she talks and predicting how she will respond to everything you do. The Ladder represents the people in her life, friends and family.

By asking just a few quick questions you will know how to impress her and know how to show you have a deep understanding of how girls tick, how to appear sensitive and how to be the man she wants. Again, ask her where is it, what shape is it and what is it made from, how long it stretches. Put flowers into the image and ask what type of flower she has chosen, how many there are and where she has placed them in the image. The Flowers are her children or view towards wanting children.

Related: Is It Weird To Send A Potential Date Your Resume? ” I asked, clearly not understanding what he meant. Well, it’s more like a personality test.” Confused and somewhat intrigued, I told him I would do it. Then I slowly had to start adding items to my desert, such as a ladder, flowers, a horse and a storm.

Then he took out a little yellow-lined notepad from his pocket (like a reporter prepared for the next story, bound to unfold at your neighborhood pizza joint! Then I had to imagine a cube, and he asked me multiple questions about it. He asked specific questions about each item, all the while jotting notes down in his little notebook.

It’s described as a type of neuro-linguistic programming which, according to the book, is: “A school of hypnosis developed in the 1970s.

Ask her to picture this going on In her head and tell her to describe the speed of the storm as It climbs overhead, the ferocity of the storm and the strength of the rain. Does it take over the whole image or just a corner? Is there thunder and lightning, or may be just rain. No, this is the key, the open door, to how the girl views herself and her life.He did talk incessantly about how much he loved to play pool, but didn’t mention anything about a fondness for knives or driving around in big white (read: child molester) van, so it should be fine, I thought. I couldn’t tell if it felt really awkward because we had never met before or if we didn’t have much in common.He got there ten minutes late, but he was friendly and seemed pretty normal. But things got interesting when we were about halfway finished with our slices and he asked me if I wanted to take a quiz.Certain things he said were correct, but many points were off.I had said my cube was large, so he told me that meant I had a large ego. I tried to speed up the rest of the date, so we didn’t get to go over the rest of my “results.” When we were leaving, he patted me on the back and said we should get together soon to play pool.

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It’s referenced heavily in his book The Game, a pickup artist bible that has claimed credit for teaching socially backward losers how to pick up and entice women. He said: “I’ve used it to get with girls all over the place, I found out about it in Freshers in 2013.

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