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Have a catchy headline that includes the brand name and something like “high-quality”, “Fancy”, or “luxurious” in it.Silly old advertising words still work well, since they have a nice vintage feel to them, as if being spoken by a 1950s man with styled greasy hair.Money Mustache’s Guide to Great Craigslist Success Selling: Always take the time to properly stage and photograph whatever you’re selling.Clean it up, put it in front of a nice background, position the camera in a useful and dramatic way, and make sure the damned flash is off.

I was hesitant to sell the bike, until I realized I was really just storing it and letting someone else pay for the continuing depreciation.One time I really liked a person who came and picked up some free chairs from me – we are still friends today.Another time I wanted to learn how to re-roof my own house, so I posted an ad asking for an experienced roofer to come work alongside me to teach me how to do it.In the bad old days, you’d have four choices for bulky troublemakers like these: Note that options 1 through 3 usually turn out to be equivalent – you are unsuccessful in unloading the items so they stick around and burden you until your death.But here’s what I did today instead: Shed cleared, ‘Stash enhanced. And the more popular it becomes, the more useful it becomes, since the market grows.

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But if you buy carefully and keep them good shape, you can use these appliances for a few more years and re-sell them for virtually the same amount if you need to move on or upgrade.

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