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The controversy over “backdating” of automobile sales contracts continues in California, despite a Court of Appeal decision last year that ruled against a new car dealer for engaging in such alleged practices.

Appellate panel later ordered a Trial judge to reinstate his initial decision in a case involving Raceway Ford, rejecting the backdating legal theory, despite the fact that the lower court’s ruling seemingly conflicted with .

Ideally, the agreement would be signed when you first started working together, but that didn’t happen.

Now, two months later you prepared a contract that is ready to be signed if you can just figure out the right date. It’s harder than you think to put in a prior date and have it look authentic.

Despite decision could put the brakes on at least a half dozen similar lawsuits against dealers throughout the state as legal analysts wait for the Fourth District to provide further guidance.

In the District, held that an auto dealer who placed the original date of the sale on a rewritten contract was “backdating” a contract in violation of certain state and federal laws.Contracts drafted by English lawyers typically include a date in the first line.This is usually introduced by wording such as: to type this date in the agreement prior to signature, but rather to write the date in by hand once all parties have signed.There is usually no problem with making the contract Contracts based on a US template sometimes state in the first line that they are dated “as of” a particular date.This probably means “with effect from” rather than “on”, and so probably don’t fall into the trap described above.

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