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The idea—or at least press coverage of it—is heating up just as Valentine's Day looms.

While the app's creator admits the idea started as a joke, he says he's nevertheless pushing forward with the idea. "You never know: Someone might use it," he tells the site Animal New York, which originally reported on Wingman.

Now the company (facing a brutal round of closures, layoffs and cutbacks) has decided to try again, with, aimed at matching women who read Glamour with GQ’s male audience.

Gawker’s sleuths note the site appears aimed at the British market and is operated by The Dating Lab.

"He made a couple of comments early on that maybe he thought I was competition.

The reality is, I am," Metcalfe said, laughing, at the Empire Hotel in NYC.

Current descriptions of the still-under-development app do offer some good news though: You have to opt in in order for airborne creepers to contact you.

The corporate suits at Conde Nast are showing they have a little heart after all.

"People have started coming up to me and saying things like, 'You look really familiar,'" the "Friday Night Lights" actor said over the weekend at Mohegan Sun.New dating website i Dreamof U wants to make your dream a reality.Here's how it works: you select facial features (face shape, eye color, nose length, etc.) to create the face of the person you'd be most attracted to.And while I'm not sure the above is exactly my physical ideal, I will say that IDOU turned up a match that looked disturbingly like this image. If anyone meets their future husband through this website, you are officially obligated to use that Savage Garden song for your first dance.The folks at the dating website Zoosk created Burrit-OH!

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It's being heralded as the Tinder for Airplanes, a dating app for the frequent flier set that could make it easier to connect on a long-haul.

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