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Broadcast on local cable TV provides outreach to families, educators, media, law enforcement and child advocacy groups in your community.

The Teen Lures TV Newscast can be used to complement different areas of a school's curriculum, including Social Studies, English, Health classes, Public Speaking, Theater and Media Arts programs.

News Clip #2 - Assistance...... Most people like to be helpful, but witness in this clip how lending a helping hand may put teens in compromising situations.

By providing a platform to openly discuss sexual crimes and their prevention, Teen Lures Prevention ensures the information teens are sharing about their personal safety is accurate and productive in preventing crimes against them.

The Teen Lures TV Newscast may be taped and broadcast in-house on your school/school district's closed-circuit TV system.

Schools without broadcast and/or taping capabilities may simply perform the Newscast live, either in-class and for peer assembly audiences.

Video News Clip transcripts and suggested local tie-ins are also included with the scripts.

Students are encouraged to incorporate as many local stories and tie-ins as possible.

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