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"Well, Brian," he said the president told him with a smile, "That's your problem." Mrs.

Reagan, for her part, was her husband's chief protector.

"Ronald and Nancy Reagan were defined by their love for each other," Baker added.

"They were as close to being one person as it I possible for any two people to be." Live video of Nancy Reagan funeral Reagan spoke in public so warmly, and so often, about his wife, former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney recalled, that he once told Reagan he was making every other world leader look bad in front of their wives.

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Close friends and family remembered Nancy Reagan as more than a first lady Friday, recalling at her funeral service how she and husband Ronald Reagan made up "two halves of a circle," with a love for one another that inspired everyone they crossed paths with.

Also among the guests were former Reagan administration official Ed Meese, Mulroney, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, Mike Love of the Beach Boys and singer Johnny Mathis.

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The library site, where the 40th president was buried in 2004, provides sweeping views of horse country dotted with oaks and, on a clear day, a vista to the Pacific Ocean.

The Reagans "just fell in love" with the spot, Boston developer and Republican fundraiser Gerald Blakeley recalled in a 2004 interview.

"We need an example like that now." Nancy Reagan Musical prelude to begin at a.m. Kenworthy, Vicar, Washington National Cathedral, will preside over the funeral. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi — Newt and Callista Gingrich — Former U.

by the Santa Susana High School Advanced Women's Choir and Abbe Road A Cappella, and an instrumental prelude by the 1st Marine Division Band, Marine Corps Camp Pendleton. — "Battle Hymn of the Republic," sung by the Santa Susana High School Choir — Reading of Proverbs -31 by Anne Peterson, Nancy Reagan's niece — Letter from Ronald Reagan to Nancy Reagan, read by former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney — "Ave Maria," sung by opera singer Ana Maria Martinez — Reading of 1 Thessalonians -18 by Barton Hegeler, Nancy Reagan's nephew — Reading of John 14:1-6 by Diane Sawyer — "Pie Jesu-Requiem," sung by Martinez — Reflections by James A.

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