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What happened ot Chris in hte pic where heis standing he looks like a crack head who has not bathe in a couple of weeks and still wearing the same smelly clothes. that blond hair looks a mess and he needs to shave some of that beard down. Chris Brown needs to lay off of the coke, it's apparent in his face and emaciated body. I agree with the comment that Diddy should be at a certain place in his life whether he is married or not is not the issue the issue is out growing the things you use to do at 20 you still do at 45 - you should ask yourself the question? Drinking all night and doing blow all has taken a toll on his body.

Tf i'm sorry but am I the only one who wanna know why tf draya and karrauche keep running around with chris brown after draya dont f**ked n sucked this man all up and down. I just want to shake him and shove a ham sandwhich down his throat!!!

The couple is seen having sex and Cassie goes completely naked in the clip.

“I think if people hear about the video, they’re going to hear that it’s racy and provocative, but I also think they’re going to hear people say that it’s beautiful,” Diddy said in an interview with

Breezy beautiful: Chris Brown, 25, shared a sultry photo of his current girlfriend Karrueche Tran on Friday.

In the snap, the 26-year-old model is seen leaning back in a chair in front of an ocean view while showing off her legs However, Chris' newly rekindled relationship hasn't kept the R&B bad boy from hanging out with his ex-girlfriend Rihanna, with whom he has had a tumultuous on/off relationship since he was convicted of assaulting her in 2009.

Draya be cuuuuute BUT...white makeup is killing me girl!

However, at least one of those women linked to him in recent reports has hit back at gossip bloggers with a big wall of denial. The rag declared that she had a better “azz” than Karrueche, and was prettier than her too before announcing that it had naked photos of the Instagram model. Marie claims to simply be a friend of Brown’s — and besides, he’s been reportedly trying to get back with Karrueche Tran after she publicly dumped him on Twitter weeks ago.And she cool with them hanging out having a menage? Chris is starting to look the same way Amy Winehouse did before she OD'd!!Cassie: In just a few more years when Diddy's ass is wrinkled up...comin for YOU boo ;) Chris Brown: Shiiiiiiiiiiiiit....i gotta get rid of Karate (Karruech) lazy ass first. Chris: But if Rih come back...already know...sorry Cassie :( I love reading this , So does My boyfriend is almost 11year older than me .i met him ageloves C óM , we are live a happy life now!His girl Cassie hugged him from behind as Chris Brown hopped in a pic with them as well.Diddy had the crowd take a moment to remember his homie Chris Lighty.

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