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Ariel Winter wore a sheer top Monday while in China with boyfriend Levi Meaden.The 19-year-old actress shared a photo on Instagram of herself smoking a cigar in a bra and see-through shirt during her visit to Beijing.Bai Luo Yin’s classmates, You Qi and Fa Xiao Yang Meng, have been instrumental in the relationship. Our sub is being checked three times: first time by the translator during translation process, second time by Rae Lee & Chi during timing and subbing period, and third time by Neko during encoding stage.English Subtitles done by our Page: Theme Songs [ENG SUB, SPANISH SUB, FRENCH SUB] ENG SUB Episodes: https:// We make sure that our Eng Sub is understandable to our viewers.When he turned 16 years old, his biological mother Jiang Yuan is re-marrying, and her partner is the party’s high ranking official Gu Wei Ting. We don’t make any schedule for releasing the Eng Sub because we are very busy with our real life.Because of his mother’s death, Gu Wei Ting’s son, Gu Hai, has been harboring a deep grudge towards his father. Our translators are students who working part time at the same time.When news of the relationship broke, the media referred to Fang as an Angelababy look-alike.

Therefore, we don’t think it’s appropriate to work with other people, it’s our way to respect our team players ^^ We know that our sub comes out much later than most, but we don’t feel the need to rush it.

Die-hard fans of Hong Kong 'Heavenly King' Aaron Kwok have had their hearts broken as the 50-year-old announced his relationship with 27-year-old Chinese model, Moka Fang, on Tuesday night.

Kwok, who was one of four Chinese superstars dubbed the 'Heavenly Kings' after their major regional successes in the 1990s, is the only one among them who has remained a bachelor.

The singer-actor is known for being coy about his relationships, and fans were naturally surprised when he posted a photo of his hand clasped together with a woman's on his Weibo account.

The photo was accompanied with the caption: "Have to drive a little slower like this". Hong Kong media reported that Fang is a model from Shanghai but is based in Hong Kong.

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They stated that they will ban any movie/series (or even the streaming site) if there are “inappropriate” (as they deem them to be) actions or behaviors going on between same sex relationship in the series.

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