Chapter 4 corporate nonliquidating distributions

25) Oreo Corporation has accumulated E&P of ,000 at the beginning of the current year.

During the year (a nonleap year), the corporation incurs a current E&P deficit of ,250.

The land has an FMV of ,000 and an adjusted basis of ,000.

304 redemption rules if one shareholder owns more than 50% of each corporation.

B) When making a nonliquidating distribution, a corporation recognizes gains and losses.

C) When making a nonliquidating distribution, the corporation's E&P is reduced by the property's FMV even though the property's basis is greater than its FMV. 28) Hogg Corporation distributes ,000 to its sole shareholder, Ima. 29) One consequence of a property distribution by a corporation to a shareholder is that A) the amount of the distribution is increased by any liability assumed by the shareholder.

3) When computing E & P, Section 179 property must be expensed ratably over a five-year period, starting with the month in which it is expensed for Sec. 4) A shareholder's basis in property distributed as a dividend is its fair market value.

5) When appreciated property is distributed in a nonliquidating distribution, the net effect on the distributing corporation's E&P is that it is reduced by the FMV of the property distributed and increased by the gain (net of federal income taxes) recognized due to the property distribution.

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