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First Loser: How did you overcome that challenge at such an early age?Mantia: You know, I don’t really remember telling my parents about it, I would just make up different excuses for why I didn’t want to go to practice.I think the slower ice gives me a chance to relax and not have to deal with as much lean in the turns, which is something I’m still learning how to do, so at the end of the day, it’s a personal advantage for me that Sochi will be slow.First Loser: People are thinking world records and Olympic records will be hard to come by as a result of the venue. Mantia: Records are great, but there’s no guarantee that they will last forever.At the end of the day, skating is a technical sport, and the guy that skates the best on the ice usually wins.I understand the importance of that, and although I won’t sacrifice my physical work load to make more room for technical work, my mental focus is heavily weighed on the technical side of things.

Mantia: I’m not going to the Olympics to just participate… I proved to myself in Berlin that I have what it takes, I just need to bring everything together and make it happen in Sochi.

How does that play for the type of skater you’ve become? This season, I skated terribly at the first two World Cups, and they were both on really fast ice.

Then, when we went to sea level, where the ice is significantly slower, I started skating much better, actually becoming competitive with these guys.

One can stay locked in the high-stakes present-tense at such extreme levels for only so long before the need down-shift becomes an absolute necessity.

When he is able to settle for a while, it seems he’s finding comfort in the memory book that he holds in his head, full of memories of the races, places, coaches and teams he’s been a part of over these many years in skating.

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