Cena is dating wwe diva nikki bella

She said that it makes her laugh to hear people accuse her of having it easier in the WWE because she is with John Cena.Nikki Says Being With Cena Has Made Her Career Harder, Reacts to Cena’s Non-PG Comic-Con Joke #Nikki Bella #John Cena https://t.co/ZKzkm Gx GBX pic.twitter.com/hy JOp71SPB — 411 Wrestling (@411wrestling) October 28, 2016 However, there is a thought process that makes some people believe that Nikki Bella may not know how good she has it in the WWE.Nikki and Brie had their high school reunion in Scottsdale this past weekend -- and John was invited as Nikki's date.Brie also brought her boyfriend -- WWE tag team champion Daniel Bryan.However, Nikki Bella recently made her comeback and has continued to work as a top level WWE women’s star.To be fair, while Brie Bella was a very poor in-ring wrestler, Nikki Bella worked hard over the last two years to improve her in-ring skills.

The issue in question is whether or not they will have children, which had Cena questioning a future marriage to Nikki earlier this month. I’ve told you that I don’t want to get married and I don’t want to have kids and you do want to get married and you do want to have kids, so I feel there’s this time bomb over my head.” While Nikki is willing to tentatively say “yes,” Bella also came to the conclusion that she’s seeing a positive change in John.

It's unclear if Cena and Bella are "officially" an item ...

but they definitely weren't shy with the PDA at the reunion.

The reason there’s a rumor that John Cena and Nikki Bella might be secretly engaged is because of a recent episode which featured them talking marriage quite openly.

Cena drops the bomb, asking, “Let me ask you something.

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