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Pus, students are able to submit questions that Herzog will answer in future lessons. Well the Rogue Film School is the wild side of it, the guerilla style film school: how do you pick a lock, or how do you forge a document allowing you a shooting permit, for example."There has been an avalanche of very young people coming at me in the last years who wanted to learn from me or who wanted to be an intern or assistant of mine and it has grown to such numbers that I felt I had to give a systematic answer, an organized answer," Herzog tells spoke to Herzog about filmmaking, his interests and many of the legendary stories about his adventures on July 12, the day the series became available on Master Class. Master Class is much more systematic, and of course, going back into all my experience for a long long time of filmmaking and I have decided to do it.Is it true that you ate live maggots before Christian Bale had to on?

Yes, in Master Class there are certain required books, and none of them have to do with filmmaking.Comedian Jeff Wysaski has entertained the internet for years by leaving humorous signs and other items in plain view, rewarding sharp-eyed readers.(Check out his Obvious Plant Facebook and Instagram accounts for more projects.)Last week, Wysaski turned his talents to creating funny profiles for cats up for adoption at his local animal shelter, the Sante D'Or Foundation in Los Angeles. Papers, projects and tests galore—all on top of the extreme urge to rush home for holiday festivities—tend to give collegiettes the finals blues. There's nothing like a bundle of fur and whiskers to calm your nerves.Destress and take a look at these mischievous creatures.

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I just advise don’t worry what I am reading, just be curious and read — not just tweets. When it comes to the famous ones like Kant or Heidegger or Sartre or so, or Hegel, I just cannot crack their code of language.

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