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Relative dating in archaeology assumes the age of an artifact in relation and by comparison to other objects found in its environs.

According to Renfrew and Bahn, “stratigraphy is the study of stratification- the laying down or depositing of strata one above the other.” (Renfrew and Bahn 2008, 122).

The importance of stratigraphy is good and well but it still does not provide an accurate form of dating, it all involves speculation.

This is since as a downfall since archaeological research strives in the most accurate form of understanding of the past societies and cultures.

Figure1 Title: Stratification example Source: pages.The other archaeological dating method to be discussed is seriation.

Seriation is a very common form of archaeological interpretation. With the assumption that artefacts changed with passing time in radical ways, archaeologist use seriation techniques to place artefacts in chronological order.

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In archaeology dating can be categorised into relative dating and absolute dating techniques.

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