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The tragedy was seen at the time as an extraordinary end for a mixed-up girl who had come under the thrall of a Trinidadian revolutionary, pimp, druggie and property racketeer.

But a new film raises disturbing new questions about why Gale was killed.

Gale was born with her twin brother, Greville, in London near the end of World War II in November 1944.

Her father was Captain Leonard Plugge, a radio enthusiast, inventor and Tory MP who had defeated future Labour leader Hugh Gaitskell in 1935 to win the constituency of Chatham in Kent, which he held for a decade.

One morning, before the Caribbean sun had got the chance to get too hot, 27-year-old Tory MP's daughter Gale Benson was walking among a clump of bamboos on the banks of a small ravine.

Despite these problems, Frank didn't see the trouble that was coming, and he never sat down with his younger sister and talked about the dangerous situation she might be getting into.Was she simply a wide-eyed innocent, mesmerised by the energy and passion of her boyfriend and his black militant friends?Or were more complex forces at play and was she actually killed, as the movie alleges, because she was a secret service agent on an undercover mission for MI6 whose cover was blown?The terrified Englishwoman couldn't put up a fight for long and soon she passed out and died.It wasn't until seven weeks later that her badly decomposed corpse was discovered.

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However, it was not long before the marriage began to founder and Gale went away to Argentina. It was 1967, she was 22 and she just wanted to get away from it all, I think." After a short time, Gale came back.

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