Bronw dating

Hollywood Life reported yesterday that the model and singer are romantically involved.

The site also claimed that Karrueche advised Jenner against dating her ex-boyfriend while filming for Kylie’s cooking show.

“Negative stuff was being said and being brought up.

A lot of people were like ‘she’s only famous because of Chris Brown’,” Tran explained to in a recent interview.

Jenner and Brown were spotted dining at the same restaurant in Paris last week, which truly means nothing other than the idea that they were both hungry and ate food together—with other people present.

Rita climbed all over Chris’s body while he reclined on a couch and launched into his verse.But according to Tran, her recent wins haven’t been easy at all with many people being reluctant to work with her because of the man she once loved.READ: Karrueche Signs With Wilhelmina Models New York, Shows Off In Black And White For ‘Flaunt’ “A lot of people think I am a weak individual because of past situations and when it comes to business sometimes people don’t want to be involved with somebody like that,”Which is understandable, but it sucks, because I’m not a weak person.” And as for the future, Tran is learning to let things go and not put any energy towards the hate.“Both thought they’d create a little excitement on stage by getting a little heated to stir up a little bit of drama, but there’s nothing in it in terms of a romance.She loves Chris, has known him for a few years and thinks he’s one of the best performers around.

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