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Eddie told her he is not going anywhere so she can wait as long as she has to.

In the episode If There Was No Music, Eddie and Loren performed together and Eddie called Loren his girlfriend.

Rising Country singer Chase Rice is known for his feel-good tunes, including “Ready Set Roll,” and he also co-wrote Florida Georgia Line’s pop-country hit “Cruise.” But Rice gets candid with his new single,...

follows a friendship rivalry between three high school students.

As of recent episodes, Eddie and Loren have considered each other friends.

However, Loren is shown to still harbor a crush on the young idol and she admits to Melissa that she is falling for him as a person, not just a rockstar.

The 36-year-old Georgia beauty married Jake Marlin, an electric lineman and father of two, in Florida on October 17th, 2015.Eddie disagrees with the management surrounding her because he feels like Kelly is trying to turn her into something she's not.They were briefly seperated when Eddie was believed dead and running from the law, but they were reunited in The Final Concert, when he was proven innocent.She is a little shy towards certain people, especially ones she doesn't really know.Loren has really bad stage fright which sometimes prevent her from performing, but she is learning to deal with it with the help of her idol Eddie Duran.

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