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AKA Tiffany Amber Thiessen Born: 23-Jan-1974Birthplace: Orange County, CAGender: Female Race or Ethnicity: White Sexual orientation: Straight Occupation: Actor Nationality: United States Executive summary: Kelly Kapowski, Saved by the Bell Father: Frank Thiessen Mother: Robyn Ernest Boyfriend: Mark-Paul Gosselaar (ex-, dated during filming of Saved by the Bell)Boyfriend: Brian Austin Green (dated 1992-5)Boyfriend: Pauly Shore (dated 1990s)Boyfriend: Jason Priestley (dated summer 1997)Boyfriend: Richard Ruccolo (broken engagement)Boyfriend: David Strickland (actor, d. 9-Jul-2005, one daughter)Daughter: Harper Renn Smith (b.

It’s 7.2 million viewers, however, is 3 million more viewers than NBC’s “Community” averages.

The case eventually went away, although Dustin Diamond claims that NBC paid the alleged victim ,000 to keep quiet.

Then, in 2004, Lopez married Ali Landry, but that marriage was annulled after he was caught cheating on her.

In fact, that show — which had frequent cast changes, with Dennis Haskins’ Mr.

Belding the one constant — ran three years longer than the original “Saved by the Bell” and produced some 60 more episodes.

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  2. Lazing around is not to be tolerated, and I certainly got that idea.” It flies in the face of what he’s told me thus far of his resume, all of it couched in how like his character Eilis he actually is.