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(Blacks were still disenfranchised at that time and thus not eligible to serve as jurors, who were limited to voters.) Ruby Jackson was born in 1909 to Gertrude and William Jackson in Zuber, Florida.She was the second child and first daughter among her six siblings. Ruby's parents recognized her intelligence and sent her to a private school, Fessenden Academy, where she excelled in bookkeeping.In the 21st century, Mc Collum and her case have received renewed attention, with new books and four film documentaries exploring the issues of race, class, gender and corruption in local politics.In the long term, Mc Collum's case has been considered a landmark trial in the struggle for civil rights as she was the first black woman to testify against a white man's sexual abuse and paternity of their child.Ruby Mc Collum, born Ruby Jackson (August 31, 1909 – May 23, 1992), was a wealthy married African-American woman in Live Oak, Florida arrested and convicted in 1952 for killing a prominent white doctor and state senator.

Tolbert, who is pregnant, was ordered held on a 5,000 bond and was ordered to have no contact with the victim in the case.

Ruby Mc Collum drove a new Chrysler automobile each year.

The Mc Collums owned several "jooks," served illegal liquor, collected money from the juke boxes, and had a farm outside of town with the largest tobacco allotment in Florida.

Authorities said Tolbert has returned ,000 to the victim.

Tolbert is also dealing with other legal issues, including an open child abuse case in Miami-Dade County.

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