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When you were in a long term relationship, did you move?

Are you living in an area that you have never been single before?

Now that you are going to be playing the field again, it’s important to learn what the new rules to dating are!

(And yes, the rules to dating change every year…) and just to give you some examples.

When was the last time you went on a date with someone? Because if it has been, then you need to learn the new rules to dating.

Things change yearly with new technology, social standards, mannerisms and more.

What does it mean to re-package and re-arrange the goods in your shop window? Do you have any idea of the emotional arsenal this broken word hurls across cyberspace? I received very specific advice from female friends: “Don’t just leave it like that. Just don’t let the stranger be you before you start.Dating today is different than it was, and it will continue to change.No matter if you are a male or a female, or if you are straight, bisexual, or even bicurious…what should you expect on a date: Pulling out a chair, holding doors, paying the bill, things to talk about/things definitely NOT to talk about. There was always going to be some sort of poke-in-the-eye deal to accept at the outset, like having to reveal your true age. If we have instincts and alarms, so do the viewers of our profiles. Forward you must go, like a born-again horny shark. To complicate: less is definitely less—I’ve had my alarm for high maintenance women set off by the profile of the .

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