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Note that fonts aren't guarranteed to work on every system/device, because the font often relies on rendering algorithms provided by the operating system.See more information about standard OS fonts in Mac and Windows.All codepoint numbers (including those in escapes) must be hexadecimal.

You don't need to add all four elements, but if you want to skip one in the middle of the sequence, use //.When you click on a picture, characters that incorporate that shape are highlighted.This is particularly helpful for those who don't know the script at all and want to pick characters based on their shape, or for those times when you just can't find the character you want and need a hint.You can also add codepoints and escapes via the "Add codepoint" field (hit return to add to the output field).You can also paste text into the output field to get information about it. Regular expressions are allowed when searching – for example, to find characters with the word KA in their name, enter All text is output in Unicode normalisation form NFC by default.

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For example, some clusters are indicated by bringing two characters close together, eg. Also, conjuncts ending in YA are excluded: use the combining YA from the table above.

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