Backdating gst registration canada

If your turnover exceeds the relevant threshold, you must register within 21 days of reaching it.You only register once for GST, even if you operate more than one business.One entity, known as the representative member, manages the group's GST affairs.The representative member is responsible for the GST payable and can claim the GST credits on transactions undertaken by group members (except transactions between group members).Generally, GST/HST registrants have to collect GST/HST on all taxable (other than zero-rated) supplies of goods and services they provide to their customers.However, there are some exceptions for sales of taxable real property.See also: If an entity registers a branch for GST purposes, the branch operates as a distinct entity for reporting purposes, accounting for GST separately from its parent entity.

However, Indians and some groups and organizations, such as many provincial and territorial governments, do not always pay GST/HST on their purchases.

See also: Related entities may form a single group for GST purposes.

An entity may separately register a branch for GST purposes if this suits its management and accounting structure.

Two or more related entities may form a GST group if they satisfy certain membership requirements. Generally, transactions between group members are ignored for GST purposes.

So you don't have to pay GST and you can't claim GST credits on these transactions.

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