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Besides being a comedic look at gay marriage, the movie also poked fun at reality TV fame, featuring many "Real World" alumni playing exaggerated versions of their small-screen "characters," including Sean Duffy ("RW: Boston"), Rachel Campos-Duffy ("RW: San Francisco"), Coral Smith, ("RW: Back to New York"), and Cory Murphy ("RW: San Francisco").Beth Stolarczyk - "The Real World: Los Angeles" (1993) Perhaps the most annoying "Real World" cast member of all time (yes, worse than the lyme-disease infected Irene), Beth Stolarczyk was another reality star with film and TV aspirations.Seems Dan's no stranger to public displays after being arrested in 2004 for indecent exposure in a male adult movie cinema.Rebecca Lord - "The Real World: Seattle" (1998) Rebecca Lord from the "Real World: Seattle" cast is one of the few "RW" stars that we could actually have seen ourselves hanging out with.Norman Korpi - "The Real World: New York" (1992) Not since Lance Loud on "An American Family" had a reality star been openly gay.Norm was a trailblazer for all the Pedro Zamoras and Dan Renzis to follow.Maybe it was her stint at rehab during the season that warmed our hearts. These days Ruthie spends her time touring college campuses and lecturing about the perils of alcohol and her experiences on "The Real World." She even made an alcohol awareness commercial for the Armed Forces Network.

Six years after leaving the house, Judd put on a gorilla suit, proposed to Pam, and she actually said yes. Both continue to pay tribute to their former roommate Pedro, who died of AIDS in 1994.

and have their lives taped just gets too redundant or (gasp) are we just getting to old to connect to an 18-year-old's breakup rants? Regardless, it makes us long for the rivalry of Puck and Pedro; the drama of Kevin and Julie; and the budding romance of Pam and Judd.

So we were surprised when we realized that this once pompous, self-obsessed reality star has a kinder, much more altruistic side when he appeared on "Confessions of a Teen Idol" in 2008 and, just a few days ago, when he stripped nude and dove into a frozen lake to save a dog that had fallen through the ice.

), but Jacinda has broken the curse and made actual films that people have paid money to see, including "Poseidon" and "Ladder 49." Hey, we didn't say they were GOOD movies. Dan Renzi - "The Real World: Miami" (1996) Aspiring model Dan Renzi was the token drama queen on "The Real World: Miami," most famous for freaking out on Melissa when she opened his letter.

After "The Real World" ended, he hit the reality circuit, including: "Love in the Real World (Real World Hook-ups)," "19 Degrees of Reality," and "MTV's Extreme Challenge 2001." These days Dan is an entertainment blogger. ," he comments on anything from Paula Abdul's antics on "American Idol" to his trip to a Mexican nudist camp with his boyfriend.

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