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There are some other historical places such as a 12th century mosque, a 15th century mosque, and several ancient cemeteries.

An ancient Zoroastrian (often incorrectly called fire-worshippers’) temple dated by the 9-th century A. is preserved in the village of Xinaliq, outside Quba.

Before converting to Christianity in the 4th century, and Islam in 7th century, the people of Xinaliq were devoted follows of the prophet Zoroaster.

There are are several wonderful spots in Xinaliq that were considered holy places (Pirs) in Zorastrism.

Most Azerbaijanis however, do not practice any religion, and the country has been seen to be one of the most irreligious countries in the Muslim world, with 53% stating religion has little to no importance in their lives, according to Pew Research Center and Gallup polls.

The original etymology of this name is thought to have its roots in the once-dominant Zoroastrianism.

Embassy in Baku, should give you general information regarding the marriage process in Azerbaijan.

The exclave of Nakhchivan is bound by Armenia to the north and east, Iran to the south and west, while having an 11 km border with Turkey in the north west.

You will only need to indicate the direction of flight, date, number of adults and children.

The system will then offer you all the available variants of tickets to Baku.

A member of the United Nations since 1992 after its independence, Azerbaijan was elected to membership in the newly established Human Rights Council by the United Nations General Assembly on . The Constitution of Azerbaijan does not declare an official religion and all major political forces in the country are secularist.

However, the majority of the population are of a Shiite Muslim background.

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