Assertiveness in dating

If you feel the same, here are a few tips on how to be more assertive in a relationship.

Know what you want Assertiveness is often mistaken for verbal aggression or even abuse. Assertiveness is simply the ability to express oneself without hesitation or fear, while still respecting the opinions and rights of others.

If you have ever fallen into a never-ending argument with someone (and the chances are you know at least one person with whom you’ve had those 7-hour-long fights), you should first try to reach a solution by implementing the above-mentioned techniques.The child realized what’s unacceptable during the time-out, no condemnation is needed anymore. Applying assertive techniques to your everyday life may prove to be a bit difficult at beginning, especially with your loved ones, as you already have an established pattern of communication with them.However, if you think about all those arguments that leave you all feeling frustrated, angry or hurt, you may admit it’s worth the trouble to try and change that habit.The manipulative criticism normally has just one possible consequence – a conflict in which the criticized person responds either by aggressive contra-attack or endless defense.By using negative inquiry, we both fight our irrational fear of being criticized, and also force the person who is presenting the criticism to specify where the problem, in fact, lies. (fogging) But would you please tell me exactly how is that coldness manifested?

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