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Frustrated, but not out of tricks, she dressed one of her warriors in Ara’s clothes and sent him out before the Armenians, saying that she had fulfilled her desires.

Spreading rumors that she had brought Ara back to life, she concluded her war with the Armenians.

But Ara was already married to his devoted wife Nvard.

Semiramis sent ambassadors, offered him the throne and showered him with gifts and offers of marriage. Furious, Semiramis gathered her army and attacked Armenia.

Similarly, linguists theorize that some 5000-9000 years ago, before recorded history, the Proto-Indo-European language splintered into dialects, one of which was Armenian. Ivanov, “The Migration of Tribes Speaking Indo-European Dialects from their Original Homeland in the Near East to their Historical Habitation in Eurasia,” Although the Armenians are often peripheral to linguistic theories and historical narratives, the basic story of the origin of the Armenian people is straightforward.

Rather to make you aware of everything, I include in this book all that comes from oral tradition and from books, so that you might appreciate the plain fairness of my thoughts . At the foot of the mountains, he built his home, Haykashen. He would not rest until he subdued the freedom-loving Hayk.

After defeating the Medes in the east, Aram turned to the south. Ninos, in his heart, wanted to avenge his ancestor Bel.

But to avoid arousing suspicion, he acted as if he respected Aram’s hereditary rule.

Consolidating his dominion, he ordered the inhabitants of the country to learn the Armenian language.

Aram, the brave and powerful, secured the land of his forefathers.

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The Greek historians, though talented and erudite, were not totally free of the binary, Greek/non-Greek world-view.

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