Are robert patterson and kristen stewart dating

The blog needs to do better than spread a new version of an old, ridiculous “showmance” rumor.

So, even if she’s jealous that Rob chose Kristen over her, she should know that she was never really in the running for Rob’s next girlfriend by her own actions.

Weller had still had a few questions about Shepherd and her endgame on tonight’s episode of “Blindspot”.

He had thought that she wanted to take down the government and so he didn’t know why she felt he should be part of her plans. So Weller did his best to try investigate their history together.

” CDL says Stewart and Pattinson never showed enough PDA to make it clear that their romance was real.

“A reasonable explanation is that Kristen just didn’t give a damn about her relationship with Rob, and was just going through the motions for the sake of publicity,” says the webloid.

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