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Radhika deserved to go home for her lack of leadership in the restaurant wars.But, wee tim'rous beastie she is, she goes home with no shame.Once you turn a competition into an entertainment, in other words, you have to leave in the possibility that the wrong guy will win sometime.Rewarding people on sheerly on the basis of their ability, and making sure that the most deserving come out on top all the time—that’s what the rest of life is for.Stefan, who undercuts his arrogance with being absolutely adorable and by far the most talented, comes up with the name "Sunset Lounge," which sounds, to me, like a bar where women take off their clothes to expose their breasts while dancing around a pole on a stage and later, if you want and have money to pay for it, take you back into a small poorly lit room where the darkness hides their wrinkles and C-section scars and where they either dance naked some more or perform sex acts to you.The main features of these bars—tits, scary guys, sadness and ATMs with usurious service fees—don't seem to lend themselves to a "global Asian bistro" or whatever errant pablum Leah came up with.As a TV show, it has to be the latter—a game that tries to reward the best chefs, but a game with the possibility of upsets nonetheless.

Even though we all knew that if she had , she’d have had it in the bag.Or perhaps Hosea is more to blame for he seems cooler and more capable.Whereas Leah is saddled by her own idiocy, which she can't forsake or resist but also which she didn't choose, Hosea her, idiocy included.And if there was no editing sleight of hand, it seems clear most if not all the judges believed Hosea’s meal was superior to Stefan’s (even Fabio, Stefan’s Euro-bro, had to agree).The question, then, is whether Top Chef is a job interview or a game.

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