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Doing a junket in Australia one day and finding yourself at another junket in London the next can't be easy on the constitution, which explains why actor Zachary Quinto was clutching a can of Red Bull when we sat down with he and co-stars Sofia Boutella and Chris Pine a few days ago. The other is less tolerant and more judgemental and more fear-driven and fear-based.

The razor-sharp line of division that exists between political ideologies in our own country in the United States, I think it's clear that these movements are forming - and one is more forward thinking and more embracing and more inclusive.

One of the things I liked was that the way it opened, you're half-way through your five-year mission, and there's the grind of space exploration as well as the excitement. With these big action films, people never take into account the times that aren't dramatic. -I've been told there's a scene cut out where [Kirk] has a breakfast burrito. We didn't really have much time for that preamble stuff, but we had a breakfast burrito version, a coffee version, which ended up staying in...

I think, you know, over the next generation, we're going to see which way we turn as a civilisation.

Sulu and Uhura spend a lot of time together in the movie.

Certainly, in the case of Spock and Bones, who spend a lot of the film together.

She kept busy by putting her outfit together, and finding pieces to build her defences and surviving.If anything, I think we're a little bit more astray, more far afield from true integration and true acceptance.I think the next 50 years are going to present the human race with challenges that so far exceed the limitations of geopolitical boundaries or nationalist identity. And then on the day, whether he was in the scene or not, he'd be around for consultation, basically. CP: Yeah, Simon [Pegg] actually called us up pretty early on and asked if there's anything we'd particularly like to do or see in your characters.

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