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You know that you’ve struck gold with someone when the first date they take you on is in a video game.

I’ve been a gamer for most of my life, discovering new titles and series in the PC gaming area, as well as dabbling in a few console games here and there.

For that month, I proceeded to mostly get awful ads about gay dating websites or other aspects of my romantic life.

Now, presented with comments, are a fraction of the various ads I’ve received. Thanks for ruining my ideas of internet romance, Facebook.

And here I thought it was all about my charming personality. Does anyone else get ads this creepy from Facebook? Oh, and I’m now back into the realm of no relationship status.

I can’t deal with anymore targeted ads that only target one facet of my humanity.

It was through Planetside 2 that my companion took me on an “in-game date”, which involved a trip flying around in an aircraft, a drive over hills in a quad bike and him showing off his amazing in-game skills (which ended up with him crashing his aircraft a few times).

I experienced all of this from the comfort of my study chair and I’ve never forgotten it.

The “quick game” turned into hours of multiple instances and we found ourselves getting to know each other better whilst bonding over something we both discovered and enjoyed.Being students, we can’t afford to go out every weekend and if we do it may be once a month or so.Gaming is perfect for us, as we can spend time together doing what we want to do instead of going out and partying.Gaming is a big part of my life and it is a goal of mine to work in the gaming music industry.So I thought it would be perfect to have a Player 2 who also had a similar level of enjoyment with video games.

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