Android example of updating textview updating coverage area for verizon

Now we have to teach buttons to react when it is clicked. A button cannot process clicks on its own, it needs a listener for this, which is assigned using set On Click Listener method.When a button is clicked, listener reacts and runs the code from on Click method.Now we will make the Text View content change when a button is clicked.When OK is clicked - we will display text "Button OK clicked", when Cancel - "Cancel button clicked". We will declare instance variables for our objects outside on Create method.For Additional option that can be set to have the left and/or right edges of the child clipped to its container's bounds.The clip will be based on the horizontal gravity: a left gravity will clip the right edge, a right gravity will clip the left edge, and neither will clip both edges.

It is expected that IMEs normally are able to input ASCII even without being told so (such IMEs already respect this flag in a sense), but there could be some cases they aren't when, for instance, only non-ASCII input languagaes like Arabic, Greek, Hebrew, Russian are enabled in the IME.Note that by setting this flag, there can be cases where the action is simply never available to the user.Setting this generally means that you think showing text being edited is more important than the action you have supplied.Makes the Text View be exactly this many pixels tall.You could get the same effect by specifying this number in the layout parameters.

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