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It's not difficult, Amy." I went, "Okay, I did Letterman last night," like it's a diary. There's one guy, Tony, he's really nice, and if something is going to happen, I try to make an effort to let him know. You have to turn it off and walk around the house a little bit and turn it back on.

Now, I guess you can get everything on the Internet. She said, "Please, anything that's going on with you, all you have to do is write me. Paul found her video at Kim's Video, and it's like 20 minutes long, but you can't watch it completely, because when she talks, she's yelling at you.

He can sit in front of a typewriter for four hours and get down two words in a day. He never thinks anybody will show up at his readings or buy his books, and he's so good. Then I finally moved here and continued to do them.

I don't know when we'll do our next one, but I hope it's not in New York. Sometimes I'll be like, "I want to do something with miniature doll furniture," or "I want to do something where I live in a shoe." I'll throw something out and we'll obsess about it for three months, and we'll exhaust it, joke-wise. Then, when it comes time to get together and start writing, which is usually two weeks before they need a script, we'll just sit down and laugh and improvise.

Was that based on you and your collaborators' own experiences trying to finish the book? Because when they called me about a book idea, I originally wanted to do this little kids' book about a worm. Then another idea I had was, I wanted to do a picture book. And then Paul and Stephen were like, "No, it has to have words." And then, when we found out how many words, that's when I stepped back. I got to meet some great people who are in it, and that was fun, but I just didn't really feel like a part of it, so I don't really know anything about it. You never think that someone has a goal, or that's what they're going to grow up to be.

Like I sent him a DVD [of Strangers With Candy], because I knew that would mean a lot to him, and he would want to write about it and put it on his site. O: Actually, Tony's web site [ says that your Strangers With Candy character is based on a real inspirational speaker. She was a boozer, a user, and a mess, and then she decided to get straight, so she went around to high schools and talked to students. I've never done heroin or slept with people for money or anything.I got along with everybody, and I usually got along with the people that people didn't like.I always liked my teachers, and I was in a lot of after-school projects. That's why I like live theater: It's done, and it's over.I love David's writing, and I know how much work goes into it. Then David moved to New York City and said, "Hey, there's this place and they want me to do a play, so let's do a play." I was at Second City, so I would take a leave of absence and go to New York, and we would do a play together.

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