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This positive attitude and behaviour can at times be misconstrued as insincere, but it comes from the desire of the Americans to make everyone feel welcome.It also presents to the world a positive image of the nation; to contrast against the negative depiction regularly broadcast around the world.Conversely, the Americans are noted for their blunt, to the point way of doing business.In some cultures this could be thought of as rude, but in the US niceties are not necessary.’ The American work ethic means that judgement of character is based largely on one’s profession; the work you do and your identity are inextricably linked in the eyes of an American.Although in the grand scheme of things, America is a relatively young nation, in its 237 year (as of 2013) history it has created and nurtured its own flourishing traditions and customs.

The elders discuss a dowry (ጧሎሽ) and verify that the intended bride and groom are not relatives by checking their lineage a minimum of seven generations.Groundhog Day, made famous by the 90s comedy film of the same name, is the 2nd February.Folklore has it that if, when a groundhog emerges from its burrow on the 2nd of February it is cloudy, then spring will come early.It is the verbal equivalent of smiling at someone, and should not be taken as an opportunity to relate your life story. American manners also extend to the way in which they interact.Eye contact is mandatory during all meetings, and reflects a desire for openness. Americans avoid talking politics or religion, unless they know the leanings of their company; this way no one can be offended.

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