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Ben Light presented his Lake Log Lamps, one-of-a-kind lamps made of wood salvaged from the bottom of the man-made lake next to his parent's house.Each lamp (presumably oak "with a hint of lake dirt") is turned and finished with tung oil and wax.Of course, given that she’s Martha Stewart, she’s also talking to a reporter on her cell phone and probably doing two or three other things at the same time, all with equal aplomb.This is a woman, after all, who wrote, in her high school yearbook, “I do what I please and I do it with ease,” and who was once described by a friend as “more focused than a bullet in flight”—a perfect metaphor to sum up Stewart’s determination and to explain her extraordinary success.Parish-Hadley was considered a "finishing school" for designers. Hadley wanted to see my approach to each project, and felt that my approach, along with my aesthetic, was clear enough that I could start designing on my own. The magazine was just starting at the time, but I went over for an interview and saw a lot of my old RISD classmates there.Many of my favorites had worked there, but I never imagined I'd actually get a job there. At the time, it was a small office on 42nd street, and it was a total cast of characters (which I guess it still is). In fact, to this day I still remember the Fed Ex number (although I wouldn't know how to send a package anymore). In my new job as Creative Director, I'm looking to bridge publishing and merchandising and this is a good example of that.It’s clear that she inherited many of her most valuable traits, not to mention her considerable energy, from her father.“He was an intellectual,” she says, “and he was also active.

He joined Martha Stewart in 1995, where he is now Senior Vice President and Executive Editorial Director, Decorating, and Executive Creative Director, Merchandising for Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Inc. He also has the unique distinction of being the only other person (besides Martha) to grace the cover of Martha's I graduated from RISD with a degree in Interior Architecture.“I was pretty centered on being smart and well read and had a lot of hobbies, and I was the art director of ,” she says, referring to the school’s literary magazine.The list goes on: “I was on the student council and I ran for president of the class—you know, all that stuff.” “That stuff” included being one of the few kids in her class to make it all the way to Latin V, which she achieved while earning extra money after school by modeling at Bonwit Teller.Talk to her about growing up in Nutley in the 1950s, and you sense that Stewart has always been driven.“It was very important to me to be an all-around student,” she says, reminiscing about her days at Nutley High School, when she was Martha Kostyra.

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