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Towards generational time-scales: the quantitative interpretation of archaeological chronologies (Alex Bayliss, Johannes van der Plicht, Christopher Bronk Ramsey, Gerry Mc Cormac, Frances Healy and Alasdair Whittle) 3.

The North Wiltshire Downs (Alasdair Whittle, Alex Bayliss and Frances Healy) 4.

Close attention is given to themes of deposition, material culture and different kinds of social interaction, from networks of exchange to episodes of violence.

A high tempo of change continued, as very different constructions came to be built from the 36th century cal BC onwards: the linear and more arcane cursus monuments.

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Gathering Time presents the results of a major dating programme that re-writes the early Neolithic of Britain by more accurately dating enclosures, a phenomenon that first appeared in the early Neolithic: places of construction, labour, assembly, ritual and deposition.

Generally in southern Britain other Neolithic activity can be dated before the beginnings of monument building and, among the monuments, long barrows, long cairns, and related forms clearly preceded the earliest causewayed enclosures.Sussex (Frances Healy, Alex Bayliss and Alasdair Whittle) 6.Eastern England (Frances Healy, Alex Bayliss, Alasdair Whittle, Francis Pryor, Charles French, Michael J.Several enclosures were of short duration - in some cases probably in use for less than a generation - though some examples do conform to the conventional assumption of a long primary use-life.In Ireland, enclosures of this kind are much scarcer. As well as establishing a new chronology for enclosures, Gathering Time also places these results into their wider context, by considering the chronology of the early Neolithic as a whole.

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Allen, Frances Healy, Alasdair Whittle, Mark Germany, Seren Griffiths, Derek Hamilton, Tom Higham, John Meadows, Grant Shand, Simon Stevens and Michael Wysocki) 8.

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