Alden ehrenreich and alice englert dating

Alice: I like friends who just tell me I’m great [laughs].

There's this big budget, there are all these sets being built and it's all boiling down to a little two-shot of you and another actor. And Richard La Gravanese (director) was really wonderful because he created an environment that was intimate and personal for these actors. There are kind of these crazy, rhythmic phrases like, "Oh well that went over like a rock in church," where you go, "duh dada dada duh duh." Those phrases are hilarious and we had lists of them that we would just put in the movie because they were so funny. I don't want to learn from a movie that says, "Oh, love is just perfect, easy and blissful." I would want to learn from something that says, "Sometimes you get in fights. Sometimes you hate each other but it doesn't mean you don't love each other." So, that's why I think it's the best date movie.

Alden: We were doing scenes when I had to make sure I wasn’t on a page in which the book just said “C**t.” And for a movie set in the South, there wasn’t any Faulkner, or Flannery O’Connor. It’s all about Ethan exploring, having this life that he can’t have yet through the literature. So much of the way she works I agree with, and has influenced me. And she is saying, “The action will happen organically. ” And my mother turns to me and says, “Well, I’m a film director! Alice: I have always managed to not be normal [laughs]. I think that once someone tried to explain to me what was going on, and I said, “I’ve got to go outside.” I left.

Alice, what did you learn from your mother’s approach from filmmaking, and what she did with actresses? It is so bizarre for me to imagine not having that in my life. Breathe when you need to breathe, because it will just happen anyway. Just say the words without trying to push the meaning, the words have enough meaning already.” And I’m like, “No, mom! Alden: There is not really a parallel experience to that.

Alice Englert: Well, actually, I think maybe you know that we didn’t want to audition at first, because we had just read the brief and not the script. Richard La Gravenese saw me in an audition I did for a different film, where I improvised a speech about an anorexic girl whilst holding an apple, which I kept passing back and forth. But I was afraid of the word “studio”; I thought they would want me to play it in an appealing certain way, and I wanted her to be a horrible, unappealing person, that no one wants to connect to at all. Something like that.” Alden Ehrenreich: Sometimes I’ve been doing something with my friends where we’ll write parts for each other.

Sometimes you come across a line in a script that just fits, and you say it all day, and you just get it. I got kind of what Richard’s viewpoint on the character was, and I sort of knew that I had a take on it that was in line … After I left, I just was like, “You never know.” Sometimes I’ve walked out of interviews and said, “That was it,” and not gotten it.

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