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"I also told Sally that she was the love of my life," he told the magazine for its article about Field, "and that I hoped she finally realized how special she is."He also opened up to Piers Morgan about her in a 2011 interview, during which Morgan quizzed him about whether he'd ever wanted a 65-year marriage like his parents had."Had I been smarter, you know, with one lady ... I missed out on that one, that's for sure."Looking wistful, he continued.

She's gone from the embarrassment of Sister Bertrille ("a pregnant flying nun....

"What do you think of Sally Field's dating history?

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ever to walk away from her," he told People in 1996 when it ran a story about Field a couple of years after her divorce from second husband Alan Greisman. Follow the Ministry of Gossip on Twitter @LATcelebs.

"We just got together at the wrong time."Apparently, they'd spoken in 1994 before his autobiography came out. Without a doubt." When the host noted that each had proposed to the other during their years together, Reynolds said, "I asked her at the wrong time, she asked me at the wrong time.

Most recently, she won an Emmy for playing the matriarch Nora Walker on ABC's Brothers & Sisters.

As her roles became more complex, so did her relationships.

The topic has come up again and again over the years, although a story from earlier this year about them finally walking down the aisle together was complete bunk."I was the dumbest ... I really handled that one pretty bad."Follow Christie D'Zurilla on Twitter @the CDZ and Google .Listen In She's gone from the embarrassment of Sister Bertrille ("a pregnant flying nun....In the den in Sally Field's Malibu home, two Oscars, a few Emmys, and a couple of Golden Globes stand in full salute aside a framed cartoon drawing of Sally as Gidget, the 1965 TV character that launched her career.He said her sons from her first marriage were one reason that hadn't happened, explaining, "I want them to have some kind of values.I don't want them to think of me as this guy who moved in with their mother."The actor, who'd been married for a couple of years in the '60s, said at the time that he planned to get married but didn't know when.

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That's well above the $80,000 it was predicted to fetch and, adjusted for inflation, 60% more than the prize Cledus and Bandit...

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