African american women dating nigerian men

Dear Ijeawele is a short book that is inspired by a friend who asked Chimamanda for advice on how to raise her newly born daughter to be a feminist. The continent remains on tenterhooks, as it remains unclear what trajectory the Trump administration will take on Africa.

While it has been argued that the Trump presidency is a golden moment for Africa to chart its own development path, it appears Trump is likely to adopt policies that deal with individual countries in the continent, unlike his predecessors who crafted policies which saw Africa as group.

Language “The problem is language; it’s the major issue” 36-year-old Alexi from Congo told me.

“For most of us English is not our first language, we think in our mother tongue then translate it into English.

I went to a secondary school that was predominantly West African and attended a university that was predominantly white, so my choices were wide and I dated a few of those choices.

In fact I wasn’t into my own culture as much because I grew up along a lot of other nationalities, in what I call “London culture”.

However, even in Congo a country that boasts a long history of tribalism, there came a time during the Mobutu regime when he encouraged tribes and regions to unite because he understood that a united Congo meant a stronger state.

Can we apply the same line of reasoning to our argument and suggest that perhaps if we as Africans remain open to marrying people from other African countries, could we also have a stronger and united Africa?

African parents, don’t joke with them Young and not-yet-married Nowadays, in this current generation of young-and-not-yet-married, or recently married, we don’t so much as bat an eyelid when we see mixed couples, but as one uncle put it to me, “Where would you live when you retire? If you married a Nigerian, how would you cope if he wanted to retire in Nigeria? Parents’ generation In our parents’ generation we know marrying within their own culture – even tribe – was paramount as they tried to maintain cultural cohesion and identity.When I spoke to another Congolese person they understood me, but when I spoke to someone who didn’t speak my mother tongue, conversations couldn’t be as natural as I wanted them to be.A Ghanaian friend of mine told me “My (Jamaican) boyfriend really tried to speak my language because he realised that it was important to me.” Ethnic capital of the world For me, a twenty-something year old Congolese woman who grew up in the city of London – a city I like to call “the ethnic capital of Europe” – dating someone from a different culture was not a problem.If you can communicate with someone in a language that you both feel comfortable with, it makes being with that person easier.In Africa, those who speak the same language have a similar culture.

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