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When there are a lot of bills to pay and obligations to think about, having fun is the least thing on your mind.

Do something nice for him and surprise him with something cute once in a while: Like a romantic dinner with candle lights or a nice warm bath for him to relax after a hard working day.

A lot of young women and girls who date older men are so worried about how good housewives they are going to be and if their men are going to like the meal they cook.

There are different life periods and in some of them you will simply get the inspiration to cook and to have fun in the kitchen. You have to make mistakes in order to learn how to cook like your mother or grandmother. The truth is they will probably like almost anything, just because you cooked it.

Just be patient and don’t let new situations bring you down.

When you are dating a guy, there are always things you have to think about- how to do your hair, will he notice your new dress, how to surprise him on some special occasion, etc.

But, when that guy is a lot older than you, there is a certain level of expectation that you will have to meet in order to make the relationship work and that is not always an easy thing to do.

You can also talk him into showing you his favorite moments from his childhood and share with him his emotional memories.

This is one of the best tips on dating an older man, because the relationship with a guy who already knows what he want from life and has his feet firmly on the ground is a lot different than the one with a guy who is more your age.

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There is nothing worse than missing out on things you like because he has obligations.

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