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None of the ones that were in Rochdale got back to me so I think ill be calling it quits there.

She agreed that I should hold off unless an engagement was in our future, insisting there was no reason to get my dad upset.But I’ve come to accept that my father is who he is and nothing that I do will change him.If it came down to it, I know that he would accept someone of another race into our family if it meant losing me, but it pains me to think that below the smile, he would be passing judgement.He’s been a blue-collar, working man for all of his life, breaking his back (literally— he’s anything.I’ve never heard him raise his voice, but I have heard him tell many racist jokes— jokes which I very vocally disapprove of and have asked him numerous times to stop telling.

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hen I arrived at work the other day, there was an unread message in my inbox from a coworker with the subject line “Would It Be Weird If…” I clicked on the message, eager to discover the second half of her cliffhanger. I hesitated for a minute, trying to think about how I could say no without offending her.

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