Accommodating resistance equipment

Such as using resistance bands to train a martial artists kick.For bodybuilding and mass gaining constant resistance technology can be very effective.Such as, in a squat with a barbell, the weight of the bar stays the same throughout the lift.

For some advanced bodybuilders this type of training tool may not be enough.

So at the top of the squat, we are losing some of the benefit of the exercise.

This is also an advantage, as it has been shown that this is how our muscles evolved to work and is a natural type of stress to the body that helps us develop better stabilization strength, and power as well (Hatfield, p. For general population training this will improve a client’s joint integrity through training the stabilizer muscles and also teach them how to move objects in real life better than machines.

For bodybuilders and mass training, these technologies can be used to shock the muscles into new growth.

Using the overload principle, we know that to make a muscle grow you want to put maximum levels of stress on the muscle. Where they are limited is in their ability to develop the stabilization strength that you can with free weights.

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