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So what is an efficient way to update each employee's salary without having to having to go through each record manually? Update Queries are a type of Action Query, similar in nature to Delete Queries, which I blogged about last month.However, whereas a Delete Query will find a group of records matching a given criteria and delete them from the table, the Update Query will find a group of records matching a given criteria and update one or more fields in each of those records.If you choose to participate, the online survey will be presented to you when you leave the Msdn Web site. Blue Claw Database Design is your premier source of Microsoft Access programming and database support.The company employs 200 colleagues, and it is your job to process the annual pay increase.The problem you face is that different groups of employees receive a different percentage rate increase; and each employee within a group may have a different salary level to start with.You can then use a toolbar or ribbon button to "convert" the query to an UPDATE query, which changes some of the rows in the grid (in particular, you get an Update To: row).

So in a scenario where each Telesales Administrator is on a different salary level to begin with, it makes sense to do the latter to update each unique salary figure.Please feel free to download the completed solution to the above scenario by clicking this link: Example Update Query. First of all we create a standard Select Query which uses a criteria to find the group of employee records who have Telesales as their job title.I recommend you begin by opening tbl Employees and take a look at the 12 sample records and then see how the records for Telesales employees change after the qry Update Telesales Salaries Update Query is run. Then we convert the query to an Update Query, and in the process, we enter the calculation which updates the existing salary level for each Telesales Administrator. The WHERE clause specifies which record(s) that should be updated.I am trying to update an Access Table so that a report will automatically update.

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When I run Office applications through RD or v Sphere, they display the One Note icon in the taskbar, although the correct icon is displayed in every other place the icon should show - and this exhibit with other Office apps.

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