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The urethane wheel was introduced in 1974 and skateboard manufacturers were eager to promote the Sport of Skateboarding once again.Dyno Surfboards promoted a small skateboard contest at the Huntington Beach shopping mall and Corky Carroll announced the event.My next surfboard was a 10'4" Balsa wood Velzy/Jacobs.I went through a lot of surfboards as technology and design improved.Skateboarding was still my preferred mode of transportation on campus and it soon became how others perceived me.The College Newspaper ran several articles on my skateboarding and views of how it should be recognized as a legitimate sport.Although I was the last to learn any new trick, there was something special about skateboarding and it seemed to be more of a friend than an activity.Skateboarding was a very personal platform by which anyone could step up onto it and express how they felt.

I was fired from my job later that evening - although this goes totally against my personality, it turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life.Corky Carroll's humorous style of announcing was quickly adopted to my own style of announcing future skateboarding events.While attending California State University of Long Beach as a Physical Education major, I became involved in Community Parks and Recreation.Service to others and the sport would always come first before personal gain or recognition.One of the students brought a flyer to class which advertised the 1975 Bahne/Cadillac United States National Skateboarding Championships.

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