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and that he said that if he were to tell his wife to go stand on her head in the corner, and she didn’t, then he would have her put under church discipline.My immediate response was why wasn’t he put under church discipline for not loving his wife like Christ loved the church?What he shared with me (people involved and practices) lines up with the comments which will follow.One of the difficulties of reporting something like this is that I wanted proof that wife spanking is taught before reporting on it. As Doug Phillips and his ship are sinking, his story is causing a ripple of waves of questioning, recalling of incidences, comparing notes, sharing of stories.The Christian Patriarchy Movement has common denominators which can include families who choose to homeschool their children, family-integrated churches, families who practice courtship, large families, etc.

The comments were condensed, so feel free to click on the links to go directly to the full comments. I get really suspicious of men who jump to defend wife spankers and child abusers like R. She stayed up there a long time before she came back down. We didn’t accept anymore invitations from RC after that. There was always the threat of church discipline if you ever got out of line.

I have a few observations as I’ve been watching from my spiritual abuse blogging seat.

We seem to have quite a few Christian Patriarchal leaders heading up their own groups/churches.

* * * * One of these known abuses going on in some Christian Patriarchal circles is wife spanking.

The real label is domestic violence which of course is illegal.

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