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Although the police can get information from your computer's hard drive, it is helpful if you don't delete anything until the police have decided whether they need it as evidence.There are quite a few instant messaging apps including Snapchat, Whats App, Secret, Whisper and Instagram.Cyber bullying is any form of bullying which takes place online or through smartphones and tablets.Social networking sites, messaging apps, gaming sites and chat rooms such as Facebook, XBox Live, Instagram, You Tube, Snapchat and other chat rooms can be great fun and a positive experience. Cyber bullying is rife on the internet and most young people will experience it or see it at some time.We have had many complaints from young people that new "friends" online have tried to pressure them into taking their clothes off and filming or taking images of themselves.Threats have been made that their parent will be told embarrassing things if they don't take part or they will send the images to everyone they know if they do not do it.They are a great way of sharing things with your friends and having fun.

They do this to cause reactions and enjoy the fact it causes someone to get distressed.Only tell people things if it wouldn't embarrass you if other people found out about them.Posting false and malicious things about people on the internet can be classed as harassment.The worst thing about social networking sites and messaging apps is that anything nasty posted about you can be seen by lots of people and these posts can go viral very fast and be shared by so many people within minutes in some cases.From what we have heard from people who have been bullied online, the most vicious gossip and rumours are often spread by people who were once your best friends so it's best to keep secrets and personal information to yourself.

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