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He had ringside seats at political conventions, inaugurations, Space Shuttle launches, and royal weddings.Before that, in the seven- ties, he worked on such ABC shows as Wide World of Sports, The Dick Cavett Show, All My Chihiren, One Life to Live, and Dark Sliadows. A work group of l UP's University Planning Council recently discussed what makes the university "unique." The consensus was that the preeminent distinguishing characteristic of l UP is opportunity.He left four years later with a degree in Music Education.

He attributed much of his success in life to ILIP, which he said had shown him possibilities of which he'd never dreamed. 1 The Wired University Technology its way into myriad areas ot campus life and learning. Features Beyond the Books Patrick Mc Ciinnis directs one ot l UP's great treasures — the Voices of Joy.

The university subsi- I I ^^^ ^^^ B dizes many of the costs of using technology, ■^^^^^^ ^^B^ ^^fc^^^" including Internet access, e-mail accounts, on-line t/ie Uiiiversity b Y BRUCE DRIES 2^ HP V h T R A P H library services, and educational software.

l UP provides administrative support for undergraduate students in the form of on-line application and course registration processes, on- line access to financial and academic information, and on-line help and technical support.

University Testing Services opened its new computer-based testing center this past October.

Located in Pratt Hall, the center is able to deliver tests that have not been available on campus for several years, including GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, CLEP, and Praxis I tests.

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