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You can make the fingers move in really realistic ways." Altspace VR, a VR chatroom, introduced a personal bubble feature as a means of combat harassment in the virtual world.

Belamire who goes by a pseudonym to protect her privacy, was playing a game called Qui Vr on her brother-in-law's HTC Vive VR system.

She was shooting zombies with strangers in Qui Vr's multiplayer mode when another player began to virtually rub her chest.

"I've been groped in real life, once in a Starbucks in broad daylight. "He chased me around, making grabbing and pinching motions near my chest.

An innovative text parser allows the system to avoid the “ I don’t understand” response all too common in text-adventure interactive fiction.

The process of building has involved three major research efforts: designing ways to deconstruct a dramatic narrative into a hierarchy of story and behavior pieces; engineering an AI system to reconstruct a real-time dramatic performance from those pieces that integrates the player's moment-by-moment interactions; and understanding how to write an engaging, compelling story within this new organizational framework.

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You, the player, using your own name and gender, play the character of a longtime friend of Grace and Trip, an attractive and materially successful couple in their early thirties.

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